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Financial services for engineers and engineering professionals and graduates*

FÉRIQUE Fund Management offers mutual funds and portfolios with some of the lowest management expense ratios in the industry1. In addition, when you deal with FÉRIQUE Investment Services (the Principal distributor of FÉRIQUE Funds), you have access to objective advice and personalized support, at no additional cost.

*See Eligibiliy Conditions in the prospectus.
1Compared with their reference universe in Canada, according to Fundata Canada Inc..





ADVISORY SERVICES at no additional cost

Personalized advisory services 

At FÉRIQUE Investment Services, our financial planners and mutual fund representatives provide advice at no additional cost to you. In addition to offering solutions adapted to your situation, we can equip you by sharing our financial planning expertise and helping you establish strategies to manage your family’s assets.


Advisory ServicesFÉRIQUE Investment Services
Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
T 514-788-6485
Toll free 1-800-291-0337


Manage your investments on the device of your choice.
Thanks to the Client Portal:

  • Consult your accounts and see your returns
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It’s practical, user-friendly, and updated regularly to enhance your client experience and to comply with applicable regulations. 

ACCesS to all our fundS

You have access to the full range of our mutual funds, of which five are turn-key solutions with regular, periodic rebalancing (FÉRIQUE Portfolios).

At the helm of each FÉRIQUE Fund is a nationally or internationally renowned fund manager hand-picked by FÉRIQUE Fund Mangement.


Fee calculatorOur management fees are among the lowest in the Canadian mutual fund industry.*
See the impact of this difference on your own investments with our fee effect calculator.


In addition, when you carry out your transactions through Services d'investissement FÉRIQUE, you pay no fees:


*The median of the management expense ratios for FÉRIQUE Funds are among the lowest in Canada in their respective category.

IT’S EASY TO contribute

With Pre-Authorized Contributions (PAC), you may contribute as little as $50 a month, per fund. 


It takes only minutes! Contact our Advisory Services or give us your contact information and we’ll get in touch with you.  
Advisory ServicesFÉRIQUE Investment Services
Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
T 514-788-6485
Toll free 1-800-291-0337

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FÉRIQUE is a registered trademark of Gestion FÉRIQUE and is used under license by its subsidiary, Services d'investissement FÉRIQUE. Gestion FÉRIQUE is an Investment Fund Manager and assumes management duties in relation to the FÉRIQUE Funds. Services d'investissement FÉRIQUE is a Mutual Fund Dealer and a Financial Planning Firm, as well as the Principal distributor of the FÉRIQUE Funds. Please note that for commercial purposes, Services d'investissement FÉRIQUE is also known in English as FÉRIQUE Investment Services.

There may be brokerage fees, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses associated with investment in the Funds. Management expense ratios vary from one year to another. Please read the prospectus before investing. 

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FÉRIQUE Funds pay management fees to Gestion FÉRIQUE allowing it to assume the fees of the portfolio managers, the fees relating to the marketing or distribution of the FÉRIQUE Funds and the administration fees of the manager of the FÉRIQUE Funds. Each of the FÉRIQUE Funds also pays an Administration Fee to Gestion FÉRIQUE in exchange for all operating charges, except for specific Fund expenses as defined in the simplified prospectus. No commissions are payable by the unitholders for a subscription in the FÉRIQUE Funds if such subscription is made through Services d'investissement FÉRIQUE; brokerage fees could however be payable should the subscription be made through a broker other than the principal distributor.

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