We have recently observed phishing attempts aimed at obtaining the username and password used by some clients to sign into the FÉRIQUE Portal, notably by creating a fake website that mimics the Portal's login page.

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Cookies Policy

At FÉRIQUE  Investment Services and FÉRIQUE Fund Management (FÉRIQUE), we are committed to protecting your privacy. To learn more about how we collect, use or communicate your personal information, or to communicate with us, consult our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text saved on your computer or mobile device. They contain information about the web browser you use and the web pages you have visited.

Most websites use cookies. They perform a variety of functions and are distinguished by their different roles.

To manage cookies on our website, you can, at any time, access the Cookie settings Center to “activate” or “deactivate” statistics cookies or marketing cookies. These choices are valid for at most 365 days. Note that cookie management is associated with the browser and device you are using. If you use another device or browser during your next visit, the banner asking you to manage your cookie preferences will reappear.

These cookies are necessary for the FÉRIQUE website to function properly. This is why they cannot be deactivated.

They allow us to:

  • Verify whether your browser accepts cookies
  • Authenticate you using a third-party application
  • Remember your choices regarding consent given

These cookies allow us to remember information that changes the behaviour or appearance of our site. 

They allow us to:

  • Save your language preference
  • Optimize the user experience
  • Ensure the safety of the site and its users

These cookies enable us to track the use and performance of our sites, to compile usage statistics and to determine the volume of visits to and the use of the various elements of our sites (sections and content visited, path).

They allow us to:

  • Improve the relevance and ergonomics of our services in order to better meet your needs.
  • Determine the number of times a user has visited our website

With your consent, third-party companies deposit cookies to determine your interest areas. These cookies enable us to tailor our advertising messages to your interests, based on the last sections of our website you visited.

In particular, these cookies allow us to:

  • Adapt the content displayed on your device in the advertising spaces we offer to third parties, according to:
    • The browsing history of your device on our site.
    • The personal information you have provided to us.
    • Your location 
  • Benefit from our personalized advice and offers tailored to your point of origin (for example, if you came from a partner site).
  • Adapt our advertising spaces to the display characteristics of your device (language used, display resolution, operating system, etc.).

You can access the Cookies settings on our site at any time to confirm or change your cookie choices on our website:

  • by clicking on this link Cookie settings; or
  • via the Cookie settings link found in the footer of the website.

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