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Privacy Policy

FÉRIQUE Investment Services (the “Broker”) is committed to protect the confidentiality of all personal information it collects and keeps as part of its activities.

FÉRIQUE Investment Services' Privacy Protection Notice

This Notice explains how it goes about collecting, keeping, using and disclosing your personal information that it requires for contractual, regulatory and fiscal purposes.

Please take the time to review this Notice and contact the Broker through the means listed below should you need further details. 

The Broker is authorized to accept and apply any notice, approval or other type of communication that it believes has been transmitted in good faith by you or an attorney acting on your behalf. 

1. Client records and personal information

When you or your attorney fill out a Client File form provided by the Broker, you are supplying personal information that concern you and, in some cases, your spouse or partner, in order to:

  • engage in an investment;
  • convey instructions to the Broker regarding an investment you have already made; or
  • obtain information on one of your investments. 

The personal information pertaining to you (and your spouse or partner, if applicable) that the Broker collects and keeps for purposes defined in this Notice, are saved in a “client file”. The Broker may grant access to your client file to its employees, agents, service providers and other specific third parties, including financial institutions and credit rating agencies, for the purposes outlined below. As such, depending on the product or service you have requested, your client file may contain, among other details, your name, address, telephone number, Social Insurance Number (“SIN”), date of birth, personal history, operational data related to your business relationship with financial institutions, securities held in your account, as well as the same type of data regarding your spouse or partner.

The Broker may collect and verify such information throughout its relationship with you. It may collect it from various sources, including yourself, any agreement you have entered into with the Broker or through its intermediary, credit rating agencies or other financial institution, in records, references supplied by you, and other sources.

Your client file also includes your account number at your financial institution. Furthermore, when you supply the personal information of another person, you also declare that you are authorized to disclose said information.

2. Collecting, keeping, using and disclosing personal information contained in client files

The Broker is authorized to collect, keep and use the personal information contained in your file, as well as to disclose personal information to specific third parties, or to receive personal information from a third party, for the following purposes:

  • Identify you and ensure the accuracy of all information contained within your client file;
  • Examine your personal history and better understand your financial situation;
  • Open and manage your account, as well as identify, update, save and keep your asset and operational data;
  • Engage in operations with the Broker or its authorized agent, including but not limited to electronic fund transfers;
  • Process pre-authorized debit transactions;
  • Send you account statements, trade confirmations, tax receipts, financial statements, power of attorney forms, notices pertaining to registered plans, as well as other account information you may need;
  • Inform you of any advantage, feature or other information pertaining to products and services offered by the Broker;
  • Enable the Broker to better manage its business and your relationship with it;
  • Verify any personal information you have already provided to another organism, when required for purposes outlined in this Notice;
  • Enable the Broker to better understand its clients’ current and future needs;
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations.

3. Third parties

Provided that it is for purposes outlined in this Notice, the Broker may collect personal information pertaining to you from a third party, including Gestion FÉRIQUE, the Manager of the FÉRIQUE Funds, other financial institutions and other third parties claiming the right to disclose such information.

Also provided that it is for purposes outlined in this Notice, the Broker may disclose personal information pertaining to you to Gestion FÉRIQUE and its service providers, including companies managing the production and distribution of account statements, as well as messaging, graphic design and archiving companies. The Broker may disclose personal information pertaining to you to third parties if authorized or required by law. For example, it may disclose information, including your SIN, for tax purposes, to a registered plan trustee or to the Canada Revenue Agency.

When the Broker discloses personal information to its service providers, it ensures that it is forbidden, under contract, for said providers to use this information for purposes other than those for which it called upon their services, and that this information benefits from the same level of protection than when it is in its possession.

Should you wish to oppose the disclosure of said information or learn more about the consequences of such opposition, please contact an Advisory Services’ representative.

Withdrawing your consent to the disclosure of personal information to third parties may prevent the Broker from offering or continuing to offer you products and services when such a process cannot be completed without disclosing said information to third parties.

    4. Using your SIN

    By law, the Broker or one of its agents is required to provide your SIN when submitting tax returns to the Canada Revenue Agency.

      5. Location of client files

      Your file is kept in electronic and paper format mainly in Montreal, but may also be kept in another location within Canada.

        6. Updating, consulting and editing personal information

        Please advise the Broker without delay should any change occur with regards to the personal information you have provided. Within the limits established by law, you have the right, upon written request, to consult the personal information contained in your file. You can check for accuracy and have any incorrect information corrected by contacting the Advisory Services.

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            9. Links to third-party websites

            The Portal and the Website may offer links to external websites that do not belong to the Broker, and are not connected to it in any way whatsoever. The Broker takes no responsibility or commitment to review or approve the policies and procedures for the collection, communication and protection of personal information of these external websites. We advise you to review their policies and procedures in order to protect the use of your personal information. Unless otherwise provided in this Notice, the Broker will not transmit any personal information about you to third party websites.

            10. Updating of this Protection Privacy Notice

            The Broker reserves the right to update this notice at any time. The changes will take effect thirty (30) days after the posting of the changes by the Broker. These changes will be communicated to you by email or by notice on the Website.

            11. Addressing your concerns and questions

            Should your concerns regarding access to or the correction of your personal information not be resolved to your satisfaction, or should you have any questions or concerns regarding the management of your personal information, please contact:

            Compliance Officer
            Services d’investissement FÉRIQUE

            Place du Canada, 1010, rue De La Gauchetière West, Suite 1400
            Montréal (Québec), H3B 2N2

            You may also do so by e-mail at or call 514 788-6485 (toll-free 1 800 291-0337) from 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Thursday, and from 8 am to 5 pm on Fridays.

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