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Actively managed by world respected managers, FÉRIQUE Funds let you invest in a wide range of mutual funds and include FÉRIQUE Portfolios, our turnkey investment solutions.

What are mutual funds?

Mutual funds pool money from investors that is then invested by professionals in various classes of assets, based on the fund’s objectives.


Income Funds

These funds are made up of various types of securities, including bonds and other debt securities, and seek to provide regular income to investors.


Equity Funds

These funds are primarily comprised of shares of listed companies that are exposed to market fluctuations.



A turnkey investment solution, a Portfolio is a fund made up of several mutual funds to offer a variety of assets in a single product.

FÉRIQUE Portfolios : to invest with peace of mind

Don't have the time or interest to diligently monitor the asset allocation of your investments? FÉRIQUE Portfolios are true turnkey solutions. They correspond to different investor profiles, from the most conservative to the most aggressive, depending on their level of risk. They are managed according to a specific mix of investments to help you reach your objectives with complete peace of mind.

A multitude of possibilities to make your projects a reality

The FÉRIQUE Funds (of which the Portfolios are primarily composed) allow you to invest directly in different economic sectors, geographic areas and asset classes to better diversify your investments.

FÉRIQUE Funds: At a glance


Professional management

FÉRIQUE Fund Management selects world-class managers and supervises them closely, while paying particular attention to risk management.


Responsible Investment

Our commitment to responsible investing for nearly 20 years allows you to be part of the solution for a better future without compromising the financial performance of your investments,


Competitive Funds

Our Funds aim to produce returns above industry medians with a reasonable level of risk. By investing in them, you benefit from a major advantage: management fees that are among the lowest in Canada.


Need investment advice?

To invest in a Fund or find our if it is suitable for your investor profile, contact FÉRIQUE Investment Services, the principal distributor of FÉRIQUE Funds.

Regulatory documents

The Prospectus seeks to protect investors by providing them with all the information they need to make informed investment decisions.

As required by law, this document must present comprehensive, full and true disclosure of all material facts regarding the securities to be issued. It contains detailed information on each Fund, while also describing:

  • Risks associated with different types of investments
  • Conditions to purchase or redeem securities
  • Fees
  • Income tax considerations
  • Legal rights of investors

The Prospectus must be provided to anyone upon request. Investors who read closely this document are better equipped to assess the quality of different investment vehicles and determine if the potential returns and associated risks are in line with their specific needs and goals.

The Fund Facts is a document that presents key information any investor should know before investing in a mutual fund. It highlights, among other things, the fund’s performance, as well as the risks and fees related to acquiring and holding securities of the investment fund. It helps you make informed decisions, and better compare different funds within the same investment management company or across different companies. Fund Facts are sent to everyone who invest in the Funds.

The Portfolio Overview is comprised of a list of the top 25 holdings of each Fund, as well as a description of the net asset value mix and portfolio allocation. This document is prepared for each individual Fund for quarters ending March 31 and September 30 of each year.

Investment Portfolios - March 2023

Investment Portfolios - September 2023

This document includes comments and comprehensive tables about the management, composition and returns of each FÉRIQUE Fund. Annual management reports are published as at December 31 and Interim management reports as at June 30 of each year.

Annual Management Reports 2023

Interim Management Reports 2023

FÉRIQUE Funds’ Independent Review Committee was established on May 1, 2007, in accordance with the rules set out by the Canadian Securities Administrators in National Instrument 81-107. The role of the IRC is to approve or make recommendations with regard to conflicts of interest that were identified as such by FÉRIQUE Fund Management in its capacity as manager of the FÉRIQUE Funds. The Independent Review Committee’s Annual Report to security holders presents the work undertaken by members of the committee during the fiscal year.

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