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FÉRIQUE Balanced Portfolio

The Portfolio is comprised of 40% fixed income funds and 60% equity funds to maximize long-term capital gain through diversification among different types of investments. It mainly invests in mutual funds that are exposed to bond securities, Canadian and foreign equities, as well as money market securities.

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Returns are shown after management fees have been deducted. FÉRIQUE Funds aim to outperform the median returns of comparable funds within their category, with reasonable risks and some of the most affordable management fees in the industry.

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Asset allocation

The asset allocation is the breakdown of all assets within the fund between asset classes, sectors of the economy or regions of the world.1

Top 10 holdings

As at

These are the ten holdings with the greatest weighting in the fund listed as a percentage of the total assets of the fund.

Name Asset Sector Region % of Asset
FÉRIQUE Canadian Bond Fund
FÉRIQUE Canadian Bond Fund Fixed Income Mutual Fund Canada 21.7
FÉRIQUE Canadian Dividend Equity Fund
FÉRIQUE Canadian Dividend Equity Fund Canadian Equity Mutual Fund Canada 14.7
FÉRIQUE American Equity Fund
FÉRIQUE American Equity Fund US Equity Mutual Fund United States 10.5
FÉRIQUE Canadian Equity Fund
FÉRIQUE Canadian Equity Fund Canadian Equity Mutual Fund Canada 9.9
FÉRIQUE Global Sustainable Development Bond Fund
FÉRIQUE Global Sustainable Development Bond Fund Foreign Bonds Mutual Fund Multi-National 8.8
FÉRIQUE Globally Diversified Income Fund
FÉRIQUE Globally Diversified Income Fund Other Mutual Fund Multi-National 6.9
FÉRIQUE European Equity Fund
FÉRIQUE European Equity Fund International Equity Mutual Fund Europe 5.7
FÉRIQUE Global Innovation Equity Fund
FÉRIQUE Global Innovation Equity Fund International Equity Mutual Fund Multi-National 5.4
FÉRIQUE Global Sustainable Development Equity Fund
FÉRIQUE Global Sustainable Development Equity Fund International Equity Mutual Fund Multi-National 5.2
FÉRIQUE Asian Equity Fund
FÉRIQUE Asian Equity Fund International Equity Mutual Fund Asia 4.9

Risks and management characteristics

We combine our expertise with outside portfolio managers that we select and closely monitor, while paying special attention to risk management.

Fund manager


Portfolio manager(s)



Addenda Capital inc.


Low to mid

Investment horizon

Mid to long


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  • Growth

Sector deviation

  • Minor
  •  Moderate 
  • Wide;

Market capitalization

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Documents réglementaires

The prospectus seeks to protect investors by providing information they need to make informed investment decisions.

By law, the prospectus must provide a complete, accurate and clear presentation of material facts pertaining to the securities that will be issued. In addition to detailed information on each available Fund, it describes:

  • Risks associated with various investments
  • Condition for purchase and redemption
  • Fees
  • Tax consequences
  • Investor rights

The prospectus must be distributed to every FÉRIQUE Fund unitholder. By studying this document, investors are better equipped to judge the quality of each investment vehicle, evaluating the degree of risk and potential return with their own needs and goals in mind.

    The Annual Information Form is incorporated into the prospectus by reference, providing additional information on FÉRIQUE Funds and their operations—otherwise undisclosed in the prospectus. This includes the following information:

    • Fund history
    • Fund investment restrictions
    • Valuation methods for Fund holdings
    • Description of those responsible for Fund activities (including Gestion FÉRIQUE directors and officers)
    • Description of Fund governance provisions
    • Detailed description of Fund investment tax consequences

    Fund Facts is a fact sheet that presents vital information every investor should know before investing in a mutual fund. This document includes, among other things, fund performance, risks and fees related to acquiring and holding securities of the investment fund. In addition to helping you make informed decisions, it also allows you to better compare different fund companies or various funds of the same company.

    Investment Portfolio - March 2023

    Investment Portfolio - September 202

    A report presenting the top 25 holdings, asset mix and net assets of each Fund.
    This document is produced individually for each Fund for the quarters ending March 31 and September 30 of each year.

    Annual Management report 2022

    Interim Management Report2022

    A commentary and detailed tables on the management, portfolio and return of each FÉRIQUE Fund. Each year, these reports are published on an annual basis, as at December 31, and interim basis, as at June 30

    2022 Financial Statements (Audited)

    2022 Interim Financial Statements (Unaudited)

    A detailed statement of the net assets, income and expenses, cash flows and investment portfolio for all FÉRIQUE Funds. An "audited" annual version is produced for the 12-month period ending December 31 of each year and approved by our FÉRIQUE Fund auditors. An "unaudited" interim version is produced for the six-month period ending June 30 of each year.

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