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FÉRIQUE Investment Services

Buy a property

Buying a property is a major investment. Our Consulting team can help you plan this stage of your life.

Plan the purchase of a property

Our team can help you establish the best savings strategy for the down payment to be made when buying your property and inform you about the FÉRIQUE mortgage referral program.

Plan well


Make your financial statement

By listing your income and expenses, you can better define the savings requirements for your down payment and determine your borrowing capacity.


Save now

Over time, the amount you have locked in at the start will grow more and more thanks to the compounding effect.


Save regularly

Putting money aside every month takes discipline. The automatic debit of contributions allows you to debit a pre-established amount, at a frequency that you determine yourself. Saving happens almost on its own.

Determine the amount to save

The down payment rules for buying a property are simple.

The minimum amount payable is determined by the purchase price of the property. For most properties, 5% of the purchase value is required.

Want to calculate the amount of your down payment? Try our mortgage calculator!

Choose your type of account

Several types of accounts are available to you when it comes to saving for your down payment. Some have tax benefits that could speed up your savings and reach your goal.



The RRSP allows you to obtain a tax deduction when you contribute and to grow your savings tax-free. The Home Buyers' Plan (HBP) allows you to make a tax-free withdrawal from your RRSP to finance the purchase or construction of a property.



The Tax-Free Savings Account for First-Time Home Buyers (FHSA) will allow eligible first-time home buyers to save $40,000 tax-free. The FHSA will be offered during 2023.



The TFSA can be used to save the down payment for the purchase of a cottage or a new property that is not eligible for the RAP or the FHSA. It allows you to save tax-free and withdraw money from the account whenever you want.

Choose your mortgage lender

Shopping around for your mortgage loan is an important step. The mortgage rate can make a difference to your payments, not to mention the many loan features to consider.

The FÉRIQUE mortgage referral program gives you access to advantageous mortgage loans.

Be accompanied

Whether it is to plan your purchase financially, to prepare your savings strategy or to help you reach your goal, the Advisory team can help you see things more clearly.

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Accelerate your financial independence

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