A team focused on its people beyond their career

When you work at FÉRIQUE, you are part of a team that is thinking big for its clients.

A non-profit organization involved in finance

Pretty unusual, no?
We are among the top-rated financial corporations with regard to reputation and loyalty among their clients. Why? Because we are a non-profit organization, and providing excellent service to our clients is what drives us.

Our values and our mission

We share a set of values and foster diversity, which is an asset we want our clients to benefit from. We treat each client like we want to be treated and provide the kind of services we want to receive. This is why we want to be honest and give it to you straight. We work together toward common goals. We also strive to always be the best version of ourselves and have a positive influence. We do it for our clients and for the entire community. Do you see yourself in this? We would love to talk to you.

Jobs available (in French)

L’utilisation du genre masculin dans la description des postes ne vise qu’à alléger le texte et se fait sans discrimination. Nous souscrivons pleinement aux principes d’équité en matière d’emploi.

Privacy policy for candidates and employees (available in French only)

Our offer


Benefits that are worth their weight in gold

We offer a competitive compensation package that includes a corporate incentive program, a comprehensive benefits program and generous work conditions. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!


Healthy body, healthy mind

Our employees’ health and well-being is a top priority for us. We offer various activities and benefits to promote your well-being and help you stay healthy and maintain work-life balance.


Whistle while you work

The positive work environment, social activities with colleagues and professional development and career progression opportunities help our employees appreciate Monday mornings (a bit) more.

Motivating work conditions
  • Competitive compensation
  • Service awards program
  • Flexible and generous leave allowance
  • Group RRSP 
  • Comprehensive group insurance coverage
  • Reimbursement of exercise equipment and fitness activities
  • Reimbursement of home office equipment
  • Health spending account
  • Financial planning assistance
  • Modern and welcoming work environment
  • Job evaluation system to maintain pay equity
  • Reimbursement of expenses related to sustainable mobility
Health and wellness

We’ve put in place a number of initiatives to support our employees’ physical and mental health as well as their overall wellness.

  • Hybrid and flexible work arrangements
  • Health and wellness program
  • Telehealth services
  • Activities to help address things like social isolation
  • On-site gym
  • Offices focused on ergonomics
  • Initiatives to encourage active mobility
  • Employee surveys and focus groups to evaluate their thoughts and feelings on the pandemic and their work environment
Skills development

We have launched several initiatives to help employees unlock their full potential.

  • Reimbursement of training required to keep knowledge and professional titles current
  • Reimbursement of university professional development courses
  • Reimbursement of professional membership dues
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Performance management system and employee development plan
  • Internal training programs
A multidisciplinary team

This is what a multidisciplinary team looks like.

  • We like people who show initiative!

    Does our philosophy resonate with you? Don’t be shy, let’s have a conversation!

  •  Investing for a sustainable future

    Do the right things to ensure a sustainable future for everyone.


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