Employee handbook

Under an agreement with FÉRIQUE Investment Services, your employer gives you the chance to contribute to the FÉRIQUE group RRSP or TFSA, an exclusive, flexible and highly versatile savings plan that is provided without additional administrative costs.

What is a group savings plan?

It’s a retirement plan offered by an employer to its employees that allows them to save through payroll deductions.

With a group RRSP or TFSA, all employees have their own individual account that they own and can manage as they see fit, based on their needs. It’s a convenient and personalized tool to build your retirement savings.

Benefits of a group RRSP
  • Lower taxable income
  • Tax-free investment growth
  • Down payment for a home (HBP1)
  • Education financing (LLP2)
  • Contributions to a spousal RRSP possible

Additional benefits of our group RRSPs

  • You are the owner of your RRSP.
  • You have access to our Advisory services at no additional cost.
  • You can invest in the entire line of FÉRIQUE Funds and Portfolios.
  • You can open other accounts with us.
  • Your family members can also become client3with us.

Set up how much and how you will contribute with your employer

Ready to take the plunge?

Get in touch with your payroll department to give them instructions. They will set up a system to directly deduct the amount you have determined from your paycheque and deposit it into your FÉRIQUE RRSP. If you want to make any changes to how or how much is deducted from your paycheque, simply contact your payroll department.

You can also reach us if you have any questions!

Our services


Many accounts to choose from

Whether you are investing for your retirement, your children’s or grandchildren’s education or any other short-term or long-term project, there are several types of accounts available to you.


Easy access

Manage your account from wherever you are with the FÉRIQUE Investment Services app and Client Portal.


Advice is included

You can count on our Advisory team’s sound and objective advice to assess your needs or financial goals and ensure you are using the right investment strategies to do so.

Invest in mutual funds

FÉRIQUE Funds and Portfolios offer you several investment options to help you achieve your goals and make your projects a reality. Whatever your investor profile, you will find a product that suits you.


FÉRIQUE Portfolios

Turnkey investment solutions made up of several funds, to offer investments adapted to different investor profiles.



A range of funds allowing you to invest in different economic and geographic sectors or various asset classes.


Responsible investment

A responsible investment approach that favors the long term and that governs the entire range of FÉRIQUE Funds and Portfolios.

Achieve financial independence faster

Think about the future. Start investing today.