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Make an important purchase

Are you planning a trip, a new car, a return to school? No matter what project excites you, how you choose to fund it matters. Here are some great ideas to make your plans come true.

Set up a PAC

The Pre-Authorized Contributions (PAC) is an excellent way to save effortlessly, to carry out your projects or to gain financial independence. Here are the main advantages.

Set your savings goal

Why set a goal?
There are many reasons why you want to save. Good planning is accompanied by a clear and specific objective, including a timeline and the amount you want to save. This will allow you: 

  • To maintain control and achieve results;
  • To persevere and sustain your motivation;
  • To be realistic and focus on what is achievable.
Using RRSPs and TFSAs other than for retirement

Have you been making occasional or regular contributions to your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) for some time now? CHEER! It pays to be consistent! But did you know that these investment vehicles are not only used to provide you with a golden retirement income? Here are five projects that can benefit from these investment accounts.

    See as well

    Accelerate your financial independence

    Think about the future. Start investing today.