Making a major purchase

Are you planning on making a trip, buying a car or going back to school? Whatever the exciting project that you want to accomplish, you have to choose a way to fund it. Here are a few good options to turn your projects into reality.

Setting up a PAC plan

Pre-authorized contributions (PAC) are a great, effortless way to save, accomplish your projects or achieve financial independence. Here are the key benefits.

Setting up a savings goal

Why should you set yourself such a goal?
You may be looking to save for a variety of reasons. A proper savings plan has a clear and specific goal, which is a target amount to save and a timeline to do so. A savings goal will help you: 

  • Stay in control and achieve results;
  • Stay the course and motivated;
  • Be realistic and focused on what’s achievable.
Use your RRSP and TFSA for other purposes than retirement

Have you been making contributions to your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) and your tax-free savings account (TFSA) (whether on a regular or one-time basis) for a while now? Congratulations! Consistency pays off! But did you know that these investment vehicles are not merely a way to ensure a comfortable retirement? Here are five projects for which you could use these investment accounts.

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    Achieve financial independence faster

    Think about the future. Start investing today.