FÉRIQUE Fund Management and sustainable development

As a non-profit organization, FÉRIQUE Fund Management always strives to have a positive effect on society by taking the interests of all its stakeholders into account. For example, in 2006, it became one of the first organizations in Quebec’s financial community to address the issue of responsible investment when it equipped the FÉRIQUE Funds with a proxy voting policy focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. But our vision of sustainability goes beyond responsible fund management. We think that, for the good of the planet, as well as for the good of our clients, our employees and our society, we must continue to act as a responsible business and take steps to ensure a sustainable future for all. This overview summarizes the initiatives we have taken toward that goal.


Some milestones


The FÉRIQUE Funds adopt a proxy voting policy based on ESG best practices


FÉRIQUE Fund Management adheres to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment


FÉRIQUE Fund Management signs the Declaration of Institutional Investors on Climate-Related Financial Risks


FÉRIQUE Fund Management becomes a signatory to the Climate Action 100+


FÉRIQUE Fund Management achieves carbon neutrality for all its operations and launches two Sustainable Development Funds

A few highlights in terms of sustainable development


FÉRIQUE Fund Management offers stimulating working conditions to support and recognize its employees, and deploys initiatives to improve the employee experience
FÉRIQUE Fund Management focuses on employee health and wellness
FÉRIQUE Fund Management continues to promote its employees’ professional development and career advancement, notably by investing $63,000 (2021)

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FÉRIQUE Fund Management obtains carbon-neutral certification for all its operations
The organization continues its transition to 100% digital communications
FÉRIQUE Fund Management contributes to the Carbone Scol’ERE educational program

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FÉRIQUE Fund Management voted on 7,423 proposals submitted to 558 annual shareholder meetings (2021)
The organization held direct discussions with portfolio companies on specific topics related to their ESG practices
FÉRIQUE Fund Management launched two new Funds focused on sustainable development: the FÉRIQUE Global Sustainable Development Bond Fund and the FÉRIQUE Global Sustainable Development Equity Fund

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