The Planet

At FÉRIQUE, we aim to contribute to the fight against climate change. This is why we strive to apply the best practices that we promote within the companies in which FÉRIQUE Funds are invested.

Our strategic objectives

We expect our fund managers and sub-managers to commit to contributing to the achievement of our carbon neutrality goals in our investments. Naturally, FÉRIQUE has embraced this same objective.

Since 2021, we have been actively working to keep all our operations carbon-neutral. Once again, we have obtained our carbon neutrality certification thanks to our compensation and reduction efforts. We use the services of LCL Environnement to conduct an up-to-date inventory of greenhouse gas emissions related to our operations. This inventory is prepared according to the standards of ISO 14064-1 and the Green Gas Protocol, and it allows us to measure scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions from our operations.

Purchase of carbon credits

With Planetair+ÉTS, which offers carbon credits from Gold Standard certified projects, we have acquired a portfolio of projects that allows us to offset 100% of our GHGs with Gold Standard credits. Our contribution also includes a second component, which consists of supporting ÉTS in the fight against climate change through research projects in technologies for reducing emissions and adapting to climate change, as well as in measuring and in modeling.

Additionnal compensation

By contributing to the activities of Carbone Scol’ERE, an organization that offers a “turnkey” educational program in primary schools in Quebec, we have improved our compensation.

Carbone Scol’ERE’s educational activities in science and technology focus on climate change, GHGs and the consequences of our consumption choices. They also invite students to identify potential solutions and mobilize those around them.

Although the purchase of carbon credits allows FÉRIQUE to offset the GHG emissions of its operations, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality that also relies on an active and long-term reduction of our carbon footprint.

This is one of our main battles. However, our actions go beyond measures and the compensation of GHG emissions. We strive to have a positive impact on multiple fronts by adopting responsible environmental practices while encouraging our employees and the community to change their behavior.

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