Management of managers

The managers of the FÉRIQUE Funds are carefully selected following a rigorous evaluation process and based on their expertise in the asset classes concerned.

An internal monitoring process, supervised by the Investment Monitoring Committee (PSC), ensures that the choice of managers remains at all times consistent with the policies and objectives governing the Funds.

Why do we hire a manager?

We consider a manager based on his expertise in the relevant asset classes for:

  • the creation of new funds;
  • changes to the structure of the fund; Or
  • a change to the desired management approach in the fund
How is performance monitored?

We carry out regular monitoring:

  • compliance with the investment policy;
  • qualitative changes in managers; And
  • financial markets and the performance of the Funds.

In addition, we are in constant communication with the managers and with several other stakeholders to stay on the lookout for any event that could influence them.

Why are we changing a manager?

Different situations can lead us to consider changing a manager:

  • changes in management team personnel;
  • changes in management approach;
  • changes in organizational structure;
  • changes in product offering or strategy;
  • changes in firm's assets under management;
  • performance below expectations; Or
  • legal or ethical issues.

Role of the Investment Monitoring Committee (IMC)

The IMC is a statutory committee responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors (BoD) on the management of the Funds and the selection of managers. It brings together five to ten members, the majority of whom are engineers, who are appointed by the Board of Directors and who have recognized expertise in financial matters, combining competence with the renowned rigor of engineers.

Together with the management team, the IMC is responsible for researching managers and ensuring rigorous monitoring of their performance and management process, the objective being to produce returns above industry medians. 

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