In the past year, FÉRIQUE Fund Management continued its responsible investment initiatives, while paying even greater attention to the climate issue, given its urgency. Time and again, it prioritized its actions with a view to the future well-being of all stakeholders.

FÉRIQUE Fund Management supports and promotes approaches designed to make investment more responsible. It is a proactive player in this area and constantly strives to innovate so as to make development more sustainable.

Our action covers several modes. For a number of years, we have carefully selected portfolio managers who are sensitive to environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, and who integrate them into their processes. We also use our shareholder influence to promote best practices and to effect change by using proxy voting and direct engagement with companies.

We have also begun a comprehensive review with the aim of contributing to the energy transition. We are formally committed to ensuring that our family of Funds is aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement and, most notably, that the Funds become carbon neutral no later than 2050.

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Four means of action

Exercise of
proxy voting rights


Integration of ESG criteria
into investment analysis 
and decision making 







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