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Under an agreement with FÉRIQUE Investment Services, a non-profit organization solely working in your best interest, you can enjoy objective advice and exclusive investment solutions for all your investments in an RRSP, TFSA or any other account. Your family can also enjoy this privilege!

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When opening your account

Under Conditions of Eligibility, make sure you indicate that you were a participant in a FÉRIQUE group plan. Also indicate your employer: MPB Communications

Guided by our commitment

As an NPO in the field of investments, FÉRIQUE Fund Management and FÉRIQUE Investment Services work in your sole and exclusive interest. A rare and advantageous business model, at the service of engineering graduates, their families and their companies.



Like any financial company, we must generate returns for our customers, but since we do not have to generate profits for shareholders, the profits made are reinvested for the benefit of customers.


While aiming for returns above industry medians, FÉRIQUE Fund Management advocates a responsible investment approach that favors the long term and reasonable levels of risk. Mandates are entrusted to renowned portfolio managers and the management expense ratios are among the lowest in Canada1.


As an NPO, FÉRIQUE Fund Management's vision of sustainable development extends beyond responsible fund management. We believe that we must continue to act as a responsible company and take the right steps to ensure a sustainable future for everyone.


To analyze your financial needs or objectives, and ensure that your investment strategies meet them, you can count on the sound and objective advice of the FÉRIQUE Investment Services advisory team.

Invest in mutual funds

FÉRIQUE Funds and Portfolios offer you several investment options to help you achieve your goals and make your projects a reality. Whatever your investor profile, you will find a product that suits you.


FÉRIQUE Portfolios

Turnkey investment solutions made up of several funds, to offer investments adapted to different investor profiles.



A range of funds allowing you to invest in different economic and geographic sectors or various asset classes.


Responsible investment

A responsible investment approach that favors the long term and that governs the entire range of FÉRIQUE Funds and Portfolios.

A variety of accounts for your needs

Whether it's your retirement, your children's studies or any other short or long-term project, several types of accounts are available to you.

Make sure your family is taking advantage too

As a MPB Communications employee, you are eligible to become a client, and so are your family members (partner, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters and their partners).

  • Transfer fee reimbursement

    Transfer an account with a value of at least $5,000 and FÉRIQUE Investment Services will refund you up to $150 in transfer fees.

  • Refer a friend or family member for a chance to win $250

    Refer a friend or family member and you could win one of the three $250 prizes drawn each month.


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Think about the future. Start investing today.