Management of Managers

FERIQUE Fund managers are carefully chosen after a rigorous selection process based on their asset class expertise. In addition, an internal monitoring process assures investors that manager selection remains in compliance with Fund policies and objectives.

This process is overseen by the Investment Monitoring Committee (IMC)


Why a manager is hired

  • To create a new fund, modify a fund’s structure, or change a fund’s management approach



How performance is monitored

  • Regular monitoring of the managers’ compliance with the investment policy and qualitative changes, financial markets and Funds’ returns
  • Constant communication with the managers and other stakeholders to stay informed about events that may affect them



Why a manager is changed

  • Changes in the members of the management team, the management approach, the organizational structure, the products offered, the strategy or the firm’s assets under management
  • Performance below expectations
  • Legal or ethical problems

Role of the Investment Monitoring Committee (IMC)

The IMC is a statutory body mandated to make recommendations to our Board of Directors as it relates to fund management and investment manager selection. It consists of five to ten members, the majority of whom are engineers, who are appointed by the Board of Directors and who have well-established financial expertise, combining skill with the renowned rigour of engineers.

Together with our management team, the IMC is responsible for recruiting managers and closely monitoring their performance and investment process. The goal is to produce returns that outperform industry averages.

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