FÉRIQUE Investment Services

A great team you can count on

To analyze your financial needs or objectives, and ensure that your investment strategies meet them, you can count on the sound and objective advice of our team.

Four services to meet your needs

We offer personalized recommendations at each stage of your life. Our services are flexible and accessible, and offered at no additional cost.


Advisory Services Team 

Get fast service to answer your specific questions about your investments or our financial solutions.


Personalized Service team

A change in your life or your projects? Contact us to analyze and develop your financial strategy.


Private Wealth

An experienced team and highly personalized monitoring of your assets. Reserved for clients holding a certain level of assets.


Business development

For your company or your student association, a dedicated team is there to answer your questions.

Provide advice to optimize your investments?

Whatever your projects may be, our team is here to help you carefully plan and optimize your finances.

What we can do for you:

  • Design a financial plan tailored to your situation, regardless of your age or assets
  • Revise your plan with you to adjust it to your life events
  • Provide advice to optimize your financial situation
Plan your retirement

Whether your retirement is just around the corner or many years away, it’s important to plan for it now so you’ll be able to carry out the projects that are important to you.

As a client of FÉRIQUE Investment Services, you can receive personalized support from a member of the Advisory Services team.

Plan your withdrawal in retirement

You'll be retiring before youy know it? Careful planning will help you carry out the projects that are important to you and make the most of your freedom.

  • Get a complete, detailed retirement projection
  • Obtain assistance from our Advisory Services team that listens to your needs, at no additional cost
  • Simplify and unify the management of your investments and withdrawals

Digital tools to stay the course

Our digital services are accessible at all times to facilitate the management of your savings plans and investments.



Open an account and manage your investments online with the Client Portal. Consult your personalized return and follow the evolution of your investments, at all times!


Access your investments, make your transactions or follow your savings goals in the mobile application. Make an appointment or chat with a member of our team with ease, no matter where you are.


Deepen your financial knowledge with our publications. You will receive invitations to our webinars, our monthly stock market analysis, other news and exclusive promotions.

Responsible investment: a priority

Our representatives and advisors hold the title of Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS). They can therefore better inform and guide you on this subject.


Retirement requires

Do you have a plan?

Obtain your personalized retirement projection


You'll be retiring before
you know it.

Have you optimized your
plan for retirement?

Our Advisory team is there for you


Can your investments
be optimized?

Why not find out?

Obtain an analysis of your investments

Achieve financial independence faster

Think about the future. Start investing today.