Donna Prahac

Donna Prahacs, B.A., CHRP

Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs

Donna Prahacs holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (honors equivalent) with a major in psychology from McGill University (1996) and has been a member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés since 2004. Ms. Prahacs started her career in 1996 in the Client Service and Operations department at Talvest Fund Management. In 1999, she joined the Human Resources department at TAL Global Asset Management Inc. (now known as CIBC Global Asset Management) where she held the roles of Coordinator, Consultant, and Senior Consultant of Human Resources. After eight years of service, she leaves TAL Global Asset Management Inc. to work at PSP Investments (2004). During the close to nine years spent at PSP Investments, she progressed through several human resources management positions: Manager of Human Resources, Manager of Learning and Development, and Senior Manager of Training and Diversity. 

In 2012, Ms. Prahacs joined the team at Gestion FÉRIQUE as Senior Director, Human Resources. She is responsible for the development, implementation and management of all human resources related activities for FÉRIQUE. Ms. Prahacs brings to the organization a broad spectrum of pertinent human resources related knowledge and skills acquired during her many years of experience in public, private and federal government organizations in the banking and finance industry.