Private Wealth
Striving to meet your ambitions

FÉRIQUE Private Wealth is designed for clients with a certain level of assets* seeking highly personalized advice. At the heart of your family’s wealth management, your Private Wealth team deploys a global and integrated approach to provide solutions that are best suited to your situation.

*Financial assets invested with FÉRIQUE must be of $750,000 $ or more, including assets of the spouse and/or a company. FÉRIQUE Private Wealth is a service offered by FÉRIQUE Investment Services.


Dedicated and custom advisory services

The bedrock of sound wealth management, specialized advice enables you to optimize your financial situation. Provided by your dedicated financial planner, said advice helps you select investments that suit your needs and make informed decisions.


Your dedicated financial planner works with a limited number of families. Focused on your objectives, he pays close attention to your needs and provides proactive services. Moreover, he keeps an eye out for any changes that could affect your wealth.

trust and availability

Your Private Wealth team provides advice on all facets of financial planning to optimize your situation.

Throughout your life, career and retirement, they support you and your family as you work to make your projects a reality. Together, you set your short- and long- erm financial objectives, as well as adapt your strategies as your needs evolve.

Entirely dedicated to FÉRIQUE Private Wealth clients, this team provides a service based on trust and availability.


FÉRIQUE Private Wealth offers you preferred access to a range of exclusive services, including conferences, informative documentation, special events and a network of external experts. Whether you’re looking for advice regarding your business investments, trusts or for estate planning, your financial planner can help or refer you to an expert so that you benefit from the best guidance possible. 

In order to learn more about various financial topics, you can also consult publications and attend specialized conferences and webinars produced by FÉRIQUE Investment Services that pertain to the latest economic and financial planning news.

Private Wealth Advisory Services Team


Isabelle Dion, MBA, F. Pl., FCSI, CIM®, RIS
Vice President, Distribution 
Responsible Investment Specialist
Bun Rith Nak, F. Pl., CIM®
Senior Director and Private Wealth Group Leader


Financial Planners and Mutual Fund Representatives

Pierre Desharnais, M. Sc., F. Pl., RIS
Financial Planner and Mutual Fund Representative, Private Wealth
Responsible Investment Specialist
Guy Drolet, MBA, F. Pl., 
Financial Planner and Mutual Fund Representative, 
Private Wealth

Olivier Mercier, B. Sc., F. Pl., RIS
Financial Planner and Mutual Fund Representative
, Private Wealth
Responsible Investment Specialist
Frédéric Robin, B. Comm., F. Pl., RIS
Financial Planner and Mutual Fund Representative,
Private Wealth
Responsible Investment Specialist
Étienne Roy, B.B.A., F. Pl., RIS
Financial Planner and Mutual Fund Representative, Personalized Services and Private Wealth
Responsible Investment Specialist

FÉRIQUE Private Wealth AssistantS and Mutual Fund RepresentativeS

Fatou Niasse, B.B.A., RIS
Mutual Fund Representative - Administrative Assistant,
Private Wealth
Responsible Investment Specialist
Dana Sleiman
Mutual Fund Representative - Assistant,
Private Wealth

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Advisory Services Team
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