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Gestion FÉRIQUE launches the FÉRIQUE Diversified Income Fund

Gestion FÉRIQUE today announced the launch of the FERIQUE Diversified Income Fund, created on May 2, 2016. The Fund seeks to provide income and, to a lesser extent, long-term capital appreciation.

The FÉRIQUE Diversified Income Fund invests in a geographically diversified portfolio consisting mainly of fixed-income securities but also of Canadian and global equities. The weightings of the asset classes may vary as a function of the portfolio manager’s economic views and market fluctuations. This asset class selection, combined with tactical management, is used to generate income and take advantage of market opportunities.

As a result, the proportion of foreign securities in the new Fund may range from 30% to 100%. The investment strategy is based on a long-term target portfolio consisting of the following:

Canadian and foreign fixed income securities* 75% to 95%
Canadian and foreign equities* 5% to 15%
Money market securities 0% to 10%

* or exchange-traded funds offering such exposure

“Many investors have a significant portion of their assets in Canadian fixed income securities,” explained Louis Lizotte, CFA, FRM, Vice-President, Investments, at Gestion FÉRIQUE. “In the current context of strong volatility and low bond yields in Canada, the launch of this Fund is appropriate. It will make it possible to diversify such securities not only with foreign content but also with other types of securities that generate income.”

The Fund will be managed by Addenda Capital Inc., which has been one of the managers of the FÉRIQUE Funds since 1998. In performing this mandate, Addenda Capital will be assisted by Rogge Global Partners with respect to global fixed-income securities.

The FÉRIQUE Diversified Income Fund is designed for investors who have a low or medium risk tolerance. It is available for a minimum investment of $500 (or $50 for pre-authorized contributions) and is eligible for all types of accounts.

For further information, please see the FERIQUE Diversified Income Fund Web page or contact a mutual fund representative of FÉRIQUE Investment Services.

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