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Gestion FÉRIQUE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the financial health of engineers, engineering graduates, their families and their businesses. Gestion FÉRIQUE is the manager of the FÉRIQUE Funds. With its innovative approach to financial services, designed by and for Québec engineers, Gestion FÉRIQUE is an organization you can be proud of!

Why become a member of Gestion FÉRIQUE

Gestion FÉRIQUE advocates open, transparent communication with all its members. By becoming a member of Gestion FÉRIQUE, you can:

  • take part in the Annual General Meeting of Members
  • take part in electing the Board of Directors of Gestion FÉRIQUE
  • obtain the Gestion FÉRIQUE Annual Report
  • access the Gestion FÉRIQUE members’ website

Who may become a member of Gestion FÉRIQUE

Any FÉRIQUE Fund unitholder may become a member of Gestion FÉRIQUE and remain a member as long as the units are held.

Cost of membership and renewal

The cost to become a member is $20. There are no annual renewal fees; members are simply asked to renew their membership in December of each year if they still hold FÉRIQUE Fund units.