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Five signs you need guidance to invest with peace of mind

Some investors can manage their finances and investments without help from a professional. But maybe that’s not you. Here are five signs that tell no lies.


# 1 - You save and invest blindly

Establishing a financial strategy is a vital first step if you want to save and invest effectively. By asking you the right questions, an Advisor and Mutual Fund Representative can help you assess your financial situation; together, you’ll define a plan that is based on a long-term vision and that will evolve along with your life events, while allowing you to meet specific goals.

# 2 - You have no idea of what your investor profile is

The investor profile is used to determine the types of investment that are right for you. It is defined by your financial situation, risk tolerance, investment knowledge, requirements and financial goals. To establish your profile, the Advisor and Mutual Fund Representative will ask you a series of specific personal questions to ensure you receive customized guidance.

# 3 - You don’t know much about financial products

Even though you may be acquainted with some financial products, you probably have other priorities that prevent you from acquiring in-depth investment knowledge. Taking care of investments takes time. The Advisor and Mutual Fund Representative has a duty to be well versed in the various products on the market in order to explain them well. The various options available to you will be presented as comprehensively as possible, so that you can make informed choices.

# 4 - You don’t know what rebalancing or diversifying an investment portfolio involves

These principles are fundamental if you want to achieve your goals. They ensure your portfolio is always in line with your investor profile and they improve its long-term performance. A degree of skill and objectivity is needed to choose wisely from among the various types of investments, so it may be advantageous to seek the advice of a professional.

# 5 - You let emotions drive your investment decisions

Behavioral biases are among the factors that influence the performance of an investment portfolio, and emotions play a big role. An Advisor and Mutual Fund Representative may not be immune to emotional decisions, but its main role is to guide you so that you respect your investor profile. The advice you receive will be based on this framework, so that you can avoid transactions that may not be to your advantage.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of consulting an Advisor and Mutual Fund Representative to obtain assistance with the management of your investment portfolio. But this choice is not to be taken lightly. You need to be seek advice from a qualified person who can meet your needs.

The Advisors and Mutual Fund Representatives at FÉRIQUE Investment Services, the main distributor of the FÉRIQUE Funds and Portfolios, offer objective advice and personalized guidance at no additional cost. Don’t hesitate to contact them.

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