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Change in leadership at FÉRIQUE Fund Management

Louis Lizotte will succeed Fabienne Lacoste as President and Chief Executive Officer of FÉRIQUE Fund Management on July 3.


Montreal, February 15, 2023 - Fabienne Lacoste, President and Chief Executive Officer of FÉRIQUE Fund Management, announced yesterday that she will step down on July 3, 2023, after more than 18 years as the head of the organization. FÉRIQUE Fund Management’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that she will be succeeded by Louis Lizotte, currently Chief of Investment Solutions.

More than a year ago, Ms. Lacoste informed the Board of Directors of the lengthy thought process that led to her decision, which will allow her to plan the next chapter of her career. The Board supported her in this endeavour and put in place a rigorous selection process that culminated in Mr. Lizotte’s appointment.

“I’m leaving with a sense of accomplishment," Ms. Lacoste said. “Thanks to a great team, we’ve transformed an already unique organization: we’ve rethought its business model, rebuilt its distribution network, reinvented its technology infrastructure, redeployed its product offering, enhanced its client experience and resolutely put the entire firm on a path toward sustainable development. But there comes a time when every person, like every organization, needs renewed impetus before setting out on a journey that will take them even further. That time has come – for me and for FÉRIQUE.”

Jean-Pierre Dumont, Chairman of FÉRIQUE Fund Management’s Board of Directors, highlighted Ms. Lacoste’s contribution: “The Board of Directors of FÉRIQUE Fund Management and the entire organization salute Fabienne Lacoste for her outstanding work at the helm of FÉRIQUE Fund Management since 2004. Fabienne has masterfully overseen a major transformation of the organization; under her leadership, the number of FÉRIQUE Funds has doubled and assets under management have risen to nearly $4 billion.

“We’re also delighted that Louis Lizotte has agreed to take over from Fabienne,“ Mr. Dumont added. “Louis himself has been a driver of our success and that of our clients for more than a decade by leading the design of our investment solutions. His track record at FÉRIQUE since 2010 speaks for itself; Louis has helped give the firm a relevant product offering and high-performance funds, and also mobilize our teams around common values. In addition to his remarkable skills, Louis has thorough knowledge of our industry, firm and people, and has demonstrated the qualities of an inspired leader. We’re confident he can build on the successes of recent years.”

For his part, Mr. Lizotte said he was “incredibly proud and honoured to take over from Fabienne Lacoste. I accept this challenge with enthusiasm, knowing we can’t replace a leader like Fabienne; we can only succeed her. I’m ready to embark on the adventure of taking this unique firm forward with a team of super-competent people who share the same values. The leadership change will be carefully planned, and we’ll develop a transition plan that will be rolled out when I take office.”

Ms. Lacoste will remain at FÉRIQUE as a Strategic Advisor until December 31, 2023, to facilitate the transition.

About FÉRIQUE Fund Management

FÉRIQUE Fund Management (www.ferique.com), founded on October 12, 1999, is the manager of the FÉRIQUE Funds. It is Canada’s only not-for-profit mutual fund company whose sole purpose is to serve the interests of engineers, engineering graduates and their families. The firm offers its clients 18 mutual funds, including five portfolios covering all the asset classes required for sound diversification. The Funds are managed by renowned external firms mandated by FÉRIQUE Fund Management according to their areas of specialization. The FÉRIQUE Funds had more than $3.5 billion in assets under management and more than 23,800 clients as at December 31, 2022.


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