Advisory Services
Beyond investments, there are invested people

FÉRIQUE Investment Services' Advisory Services team is dedicated to meeting the financial needs of engineers and engineering graduates, their families and businesses. We offer objective investment advice and solutions to support you at every stage of your life. Our best practices are based on a personalized approach and we believe that every client is unique.

Certified in Responsible Investment

The members of the FÉRIQUE Investment Services Advisory Services team, principal distributor of FÉRIQUE Funds, are certified in responsible investment by the Responsible Investment Association (RIA). The Responsible Investment Certification Program (RIS) provides investment professionals with the practical knowledge they need to discuss environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues with their clients, as well as tools to offer advice on responsible investment products. The objective of the RIA is to promote the integration of ESG factors into the practice of responsible investment in Canada. Our employees, who are members of this association, must meet certain obligations and requirements in order to maintain their RIS professional designation, including that of following continuing education activities in order to adequately guide you in your responsible investment choices.


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