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The impact of your mortgage rate

Buying a new home is an important step in your life. You’ll have to consider a number of things. You’ll need a down payment, so you must save enough and also properly evaluate your budget. Another important step is shopping for a mortgage loan.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the mortgage rate can have quite an impact on your payments.
What could be better than to measure the difference?

What does 0.4% change?
Let’s say you want to buy a new home and, after the down payment, you still have to borrow $500,000. After analyzing your financial situation, you opt for an amortization period of 25 years, which is the longest allowed for a secured loan1. You also choose to make your payments on a monthly basis. Finally, let’s assume your financial institution offers you a mortgage rate of 2.25% while a competitor offers you a rate of 1.85%, or 0.40% less. Let’s see what the lower rate changes.

Monthly payments
If you opt for a rate of 1.85%, the monthly payment will be almost $2,083, but with a rate of 2.25% the monthly payment is close to $2,181. In other words, a rate change of only 0.4% would allow you to keep an extra $97.70 in your account each month. If you add up the difference over 12 months, the total comes to $1,172. The exact calculation is as follows:

Annual interest rate 2.25% 1.85% 0.40%
Monthly payment $2,180.65 $2,082.95 $97.70
Annual payment $26,167.84 $24,995.39 $1,172.40

Source: FÉRIQUE Fund Management

taux hypothécaire

The term
Let’s say you choose a 5-year term for your loan, the term being the length of time the loan conditions are in effect. Over 5 years, this 0.40% difference will save you $5,862 ($1,172.40 x 5 years).

Investing, a wise choice 
Now suppose you choose to invest the $97.70 you save each month, rather than letting it languish in your account or spending it. You’ve never contributed to a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), so you opt for this type of vehicle because it will allow you to increase your savings without paying any tax. In addition, you’d like to be able to withdraw funds at any time, as needed, which is what the TFSA allows. Your advisor suggests you invest in mutual funds, which could earn you an annual return of 4%*.  After 5 years, your investment could increase to nearly $6,466, putting another $604 in your pocket.


Now let’s assume you’re disciplined enough to save the $97.70 every month for 10 years. With the same assumptions, namely a 4% return* and no withdrawals from your TFSA, your nest egg could reach $14,332.86.  


FÉRIQUE’s Mortgage Referral Program
In the long run, the mortgage rate is an important element to consider when you think about taking out a mortgage. It can have quite a positive effect on your finances. There are many tools on the market designed specifically to help you find the best rate according to your situation.

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1  Source : Government of Canada
* Hypothetical rate of return. See legal note.

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