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The 51st edition of Earth Day


Reducing environmental impacts is everyone’s responsibility

Despite the grey shadow that the pandemic has cast over our lives, the past year has seen the birth of many initiatives that are highly positive for the planet, such as those inspired by Earth Day.

Toward a brighter future

Earth Day, launched in 1970 to highlight concern for the environment and coordinated globally by Earth Day Network takes place on April 22 in more than 193 countries. By mobilizing local stakeholders, this annual celebration has over time acquired more than a billion supporters of its mission “to help people and organizations reduce their environmental impact,” which makes it the world’s largest environmental movement1.

Adopting simple daily gestures

The more people who get involved, the better our quality of life will be in the long run! We can all incorporate into our daily lives simple actions that contribute to the well-being of the planet and that also benefit us personally.

Contributing through responsible investing 

In addition to making changes to our lifestyle, we can contribute significantly to the well-being of the planet by investing wisely. We can also use the power of our nest eggs to help create a more sustainable world by selecting investment products that take a responsible approach. Several approaches exist, such as taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment decisions or adopting a specific theme, such as climate considerations. In the end, products of this kind allow you to achieve your financial goals while having a positive impact on the environment.
Each year, Earth Day serves as a reminder of the impact that human activity has on our planet and the role we must play to preserve our living environment. This movement is vitally important. Through the growing popularity of responsible investing, we can see that this awareness is increasingly having an impact.


New Funds focused on sustainable development and innovation 

The range of products that are part of the responsible or sustainable investment movement is manifold. Responsible investing has been part and parcel of FÉRIQUE Fund Management’s values for 15 years. In 2006, it adopted the Responsible Investment Policy governing the exercise of the FÉRIQUE Funds’ proxy voting rights, and since then its commitment has only grown stronger. To go even further, its latest initiatives include new Funds launched at the start of the year to focus on sustainable development and innovation. In addition, the members of the Advisory Services team at FÉRIQUE Investment Services, the principal distributor of the FÉRIQUE Funds, have completed the Responsible Investment Association’s certification program to qualify as responsible investment specialists. This training allows them to answer many questions on this subject. Feel free to contact them!



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