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Important change concerning mutual fund purchases

Starting May 30, the Canadian Securities Administrators will require that all mutual fund dealers, including FÉRIQUE Investment Services, comply with the new regulation [PDF] concerning the sale of mutual fund units. The Fund Facts document will now have to be sent to you before you make your initial investment in a fund, rather than after, as was previously the case.

What is the purpose of the new regulation?
This new regulation that we must comply with is in your interest as its purpose is to protect you by enabling you to familiarize yourself with the key information on a fund before you purchase it.
How will you receive the Fund Facts?
It is your responsibility to always read the Fund Facts document when you invest in a fund so that you are familiar with its key features.
The Fund Facts will now be sent to you before you purchase a mutual fund for the first time or if the document has been updated since your last transaction, in other words at least once a year or when a material change is made to the fund. In the case of the pre-authorized contribution programs (PACs), the Fund Facts will be provided only at the time of the initial purchase.
The Fund Facts will be sent to you regardless of the transaction platform you use, whether you make your purchase on the transactional site, in person with your financial planner or on the telephone with our Advisory Services.
Please be assured that we have done our utmost to provide a client-friendly service. 
What is a Fund Facts? 
A Fund Facts is an important document that provides essential information on the fund you intend to purchase so that you can review its key features before investing. For more information about the Fund Facts document, you can consult an interactive version.
You can also consult the Fund Facts for the FÉRIQUE Funds. 


Do you have any questions?

Consult the website of the regulatory authorities:


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