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New tools to better understand your investments

Since December 31, 2016, FÉRIQUE Investment Services clients have new tools to monitor and understand their Investments.

Improved portfolio statement

Your quarterly statement now contains new information, and a few changes have made it simpler and more user-friendly

Personalized Rate of Return

Your statement now shows your personalized rate of return.

Additional Information

General information is now at the top of the statement.

  • How performance is calculated
    Just a reminder that the new money-weighted method is used here.

  • Fees
    Another reminder that there are no commissions on FÉRIQUE Funds when sold through FÉRIQUE Investment Services (FIS).

Portfolio Summary

This new section shows the total market value of your portfolio, by account.

Important Notice

This new section contains regulatory or operational news.

Annual Fees and Compensation Report

This annual report shows how much your investment advisory services cost you.

What it includes

The report shows the total amount paid to FÉRIQUE Investment Services  for distribution fees, services and advice you received (by telephone, in person, or through the website).

These fees are paid indirectly, as they are included in the management expense ratio (MER) of FÉRIQUE Funds. Gestion FÉRIQUE has estimated these fees for you and expressed them in dollars: they appear in the report on the line marked “Other.”

What it does not include

The annual Fees and Compensation Report does not show the total cost of your investments with FÉRIQUE, since it does not show the total MER for FÉRIQUE Funds, but rather the portion allocated to FIS.

If you want to fully understand all the costs associated with FÉRIQUE Funds, see the MER for each Fund, which appears in the Fund Facts document.


You will notice that, when you deal with FIS, you do not pay any administration fees or other fees associated with trades in FÉRIQUE Funds.

FIS essentially has a policy of not applying any additional fees to the management of your investments, such as initial sales charges or transfer fees, or administration fees for RRSP accounts. If you have an account with another broker, such fees may be charged; they would appear on that broker’s fee report and would be payable directly by you to the broker. These fees are calculated on top of the MER.

You will also see that you pay no trailing commissions or sales charges, either low or deferred. Thanks to its business model, Gestion FÉRIQUE pays no such fees on FÉRIQUE Funds.

If you have investments with more than one firm, you can now compare your costs—and draw your own conclusions.

Annual Performance Report

This annual report shows how much your investments earn you.

  • Your personalized rate of return for different periods
  • Changes in the value of your account since the previous year end and since the account was opened 

There are two ways to determine the performance of an investment portfolio.

Time-weighted rate of return

Takes into account:

  • the gains realized by the fund
  • the income realized by the fund


Comparing the rates of return of different funds against each other or against the indices

Money-weighted rate of return

Also takes into account the moment and the amount of:

  • your deposits
  • your withdrawals

Figuring out your own rate of return over different periods of time

For more information about how rates of return are calculated, please see this page.


With FÉRIQUE Investment Services, you get objective advice and personalized guidance at every stage of your life. You also have access to a family of funds designed for optimal diversification of your investments, with management fees that are among the lowest in the industry1. Better still, you pay no additional fees. 

1 According to Fundata, FÉRIQUE Fund management expense ratios are among the lowest in the industry, when compared to equivalent funds in Canada.


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