FÉRIQUE Dividend Fund Series A Canadian Dividend & Income Equity Fund code FER061

The FÉRIQUE Dividend Fund seeks to achieve a balance between high dividend income and long-term capital growth. The Fund mainly invests in Canadian equity securities that produce dividend income.

Fund manager: Gestion FÉRIQUE
Portfolio manager(s): Lincluden Investment Management Limited

Investment Horizon
  • Value
  • Core
  • Growth
Sector Deviation
  • Minor
  • Moderate
  • Wide
Market Capitalization
  • Small
  • Mid
  • Large

Growth of a $10,000 investment (Last update 2018-11-30)

Compare from:
Dated Data 2018-11-30
Inception Return
7.1 %
YTD Return
-2.2 %
price per share ($)
Daily Change
-$0.015 / -0.10 %
MER (current) 1.05 %
Net assets (in millions) $244.9
Standard deviation (3 years) 6.6 %
RRSP eligibility Yes
Load* No Fees
*FERIQUE Funds are available at no additional fees when the transaction is carried out through FERIQUE Investment Services.

Allocation (%)* (Last update 2018-11-30)

Top 10 Holdings (Last update 2018-11-30)

Name Asset Sector Region % of Assets
Cash and Cash Equivalents Cash and Equivalents Cash and Cash Equivalent Canada 6.1
Royal Bank of Canada Canadian Equity Financial Services Canada 5.7
Toronto-Dominion Bank Canadian Equity Financial Services Canada 4.8
Enbridge Inc Canadian Equity Utilities Canada 4.7
BCE Inc Canadian Equity Telecommunications Canada 4.5
Power Financial Corp Canadian Equity Financial Services Canada 3.9
Scotia Bank Canadian Equity Financial Services Canada 3.9
Metro Inc Canadian Equity Consumer Services Canada 3.3
Intact Financial Corp Canadian Equity Financial Services Canada 3.2
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Canadian Equity Financial Services Canada 3.0

returns (Last update 2018-11-30)

Compound Returns (%)    1 Mo 3 Mo 6 Mo YTD 1 YR 3 YR 5 YR 10 YR
Fund 0.8 -4.6 -1.1 -2.2 -1.8 6.5 5.3 n/a
Quartile 4 3 2 2 2 1 2 n/a
Annual Returns (%) 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
Fund 6.6 19.3 -8.3 11.1 15.6 9.1 -2.2 15.1 n/a n/a
Quartile 3 2 3 1 3 2 3 1 n/a n/a

Source: Fundata, FERIQUE Fund Management.
* Due to rounding, percentages may not add to 100%.

FÉRIQUE is a registered trademark of Gestion FÉRIQUE and is used under license by its subsidiary, Services d'investissement FÉRIQUE. Gestion FÉRIQUE is an Investment Fund Manager and assumes management duties in relation to the FÉRIQUE Funds. Services d'investissement FÉRIQUE is a Mutual Fund Dealer and a Financial Planning Firm, as well as the Principal distributor of the FÉRIQUE Funds. Please note that for commercial purposes, Services d'investissement FÉRIQUE is also known in English as FÉRIQUE Investment Services.
There may be brokerage fees, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses associated with investment in the Funds. Management expense ratios vary from one year to another. Please read the prospectus before investing. The indicated rates of return are the historical annual compounded total returns which include changes in the value of the units and reinvestment of all distributions and do not take into account sales, redemption, distribution or optional charges or income taxes payable by any unitholder that would have reduced returns. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values fluctuate frequently and past performance may not be repeated. 
FÉRIQUE Funds pay management fees to Gestion FÉRIQUE allowing it to assume the fees of the portfolio managers, the fees relating to the marketing or distribution of the FÉRIQUE Funds and the administration fees of the manager of the FÉRIQUE Funds. Each of the FÉRIQUE Funds pays all of its own operating expenses. No commissions are payable by the unitholders for a subscription in the FÉRIQUE Funds if such subscription is made through Services d'investissement FÉRIQUE; brokerage fees could however be payable should the subscription be made through a broker other than the principal distributor.