Prospectus and Annual information


The prospectus seeks to protect investors by providing information they need to make informed investment decisions.


By law, the prospectus must provide a complete, accurate and clear presentation of material facts pertaining to the securities that will be issued. In addition to detailed information on each available Fund, it describes:

  • Risks associated with various investments
  • Condition for purchase and redemption
  • Fees
  • Tax consequences
  • Investor rights

The prospectus must be distributed to every FÉRIQUE Fund unitholder. By studying this document, investors are better equipped to judge the quality of each investment vehicle, evaluating the degree of risk and potential return with their own needs and goals in mind.


 Annual Information

 The Annual Information Form is incorporated into the prospectus by reference, providing additional information on FÉRIQUE Funds and their operations—otherwise undisclosed in the prospectus. This includes the following information:

  • Fund history
  • Fund investment restrictions
  • Valuation methods for Fund holdings
  • Description of those responsible for Fund activities (including Gestion FÉRIQUE directors and officers)
  • Description of Fund governance provisions
  • Detailed description of Fund investment tax consequences

Annual Information Forms