Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (Group RRSP)
What is a group RRSP?

A group RRSP is a regular RRSP whose contributions are deducted at source by your employer and deposited in an account opened in your name. Apart from periodic investments, the main advantage of a group RRSP is that it enables you to obtain income tax savings immediately and take advantage of market returns throughout the year. 

Eligibility to a group RRSP offered by FÉRIQUE Investment Services
  1. If you work for a business where engineers constitute the majority of the shareholders or management personnel, your employer may be able to establish a FÉRIQUE group RRSP.
  2. If so, all employees of the business are automatically eligible to become clients1.

An exclusive retirement savings tool reserved for employees of businesses owned by engineers.

The FÉRIQUE group RRSP at a glance

  • Practical: Contributions are deducted at source.
  • Advantageous: All employees of the business have access to personalized advisory services at no additional cost.
  • High-performing: Contributions may be invested in FÉRIQUE Funds, which are managed by renowned institutional managers, with management fees that are  among the lowest in Canada2.
  • Accessible:  No administration, account setup or interfund transfer fees, and no commissions when you deal with FERIQUE Investment Services.
  • Ethical: The FERIQUE Funds have a responsible investment policy.
  • Flexible: The employer establishes the amount of its contribution according to its own incentive criteria.


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VRSP: What is it?
  • The Voluntary retirement savings plan (VRSP) is an additional tool offered to employees to enable them to accumulate retirement capital by saving at source, from their salaries.
  • Neither the employer nor the employee is obliged to contribute: employees are automatically enrolled but may withdraw if they wish. Similarly, they may determine their own contribution rate but will be subject to a predetermined rate of about 2% if they fail to do so.
The FERIQUE group RRSP: an alternative to the VRSP

By law, employers must offer a retirement savings plan to their employees, but the choice of plan is left entirely to the employer’s discretion: employers are not obliged to opt for a VRSPBusinesses where a majority of the shareholders are engineers may opt for a FERIQUE group RRSP. It’s a simple, flexible, advantageous solution for employers and employees alike.

1The above eligibility conditions apply to persons residing in Quebec. For more details, see Prospectus.
2 The median management expense ratios of the FERIQUE Funds are among the lowest in their Canadian benchmark reference universe.