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FÉRIQUE Investment Services launches its Private Wealth service

A highly personalized approach

FÉRIQUE Investment Services took an important step last April with a value proposition adapted to the needs of its main client segments while remaining true to the FÉRIQUE difference. In fact, the organization began deploying its FÉRIQUE Private Wealth service for high-net-worth investors.

Isabelle Dion, MBA, Pl. Fin., FCSI, CMI®, who oversees all financial planning services, including Private Wealth, presents it to us here.

What does FÉRIQUE Private Wealth consist of?

FÉRIQUE Private Wealth is designed to meet the needs of individuals who have reached a stage in their lives when more complex decisions have to be made. It’s a comprehensive, integrated approach that proposes solutions adapted to the situation of each person in order to optimize all aspects of family wealth. The watchword is truly personalized service. From the very first meeting, and during all those that follow, we take into account all the client’s financial needs to determine the level of assistance required. Each client is different and each is therefore entitled to a customized approach.

Is the service limited to investment management?
No. It’s a truly integrated approach to family wealth management and it covers all aspects of financial planning: legal considerations, insurance and risk management, financial situation, tax considerations, investments, retirement and estate planning. To coordinate all these financial needs, the financial planner may, if necessary, meet with the professionals who advise the client. The financial planner can also give the client access to our own network of experts, including notaries and tax specialists who are independent of FÉRIQUE and can provide objective advice.


How does the service differ from that which is offered to all the clients of FÉRIQUE Investment Services?
FÉRIQUE Investment Services clients have access to high-quality advisory services that received a remarkable 95% satisfaction rate in an Ipsos Marketing survey conducted early in 2015. The key component of this service is the level of assistance provided by our mutual fund representatives, including several financial planners to respond to more complex situations. With FÉRIQUE Private Wealth, we take this close relationship even further and strive to offer a service that is even more proactive and sophisticated. Each Private Wealth client has his or her own financial planner, who is assigned to a limited number of families. Private Wealth clients can also take advantage of exclusive services, such as webinars, conferences and a quarterly market reviews.


Whom is the service for?
FÉRIQUE Private Wealth is for clients who have a family wealth of $750,000 or more invested in the FÉRIQUE Funds. By family wealth, we mean the financial assets of the client and his or her spouse, trusts and companies, as the case may be. Most families with this level of assets are concerned about handing them down to the next generation. The Private Wealth service provides them with assistance by advising them on the strategies that can protect their assets more effectively and ensure they continue to grow. At this stage, a multidisciplinary approach is vital!

Why do you refer to “families” and “family wealth”?
It’s because we aim to offer a comprehensive and intergenerational assistance. Not only does the financial planner take into account all the assets of the client and the client’s spouse, but he or she can also assist the client’s parents and children, to be sure the strategy proposed is optimal.

Why has FÉRIQUE Investment Services decided to offer this service now?

FÉRIQUE Investment Services operates in a highly competitive sector, where the services offered are increasingly segmented and specialized. We reviewed our distribution model to adapt to this context and our clients’ needs.
So adding FÉRIQUE Private Wealth to the array of services we offer was a logical outcome because our clientele is very much exposed to competing services. Retaining high-net-worth clients is beneficial for all participants; any initiative that enables us to secure their loyalty, to develop our clientele and to gather additional assets gives us the leeway to continue expanding the products and services we offer and, in this way, maintain fees that are among the lowest in the industry.

I’d like to conclude by pointing out that over time FÉRIQUE has developed uncontested knowledge of its clientele and has developed its products and services with the sole objective of contributing to the financial health of engineers, engineering graduates, their families and their businesses. No one understands your financial needs better and no one is better placed to serve you.

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