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Gestion FÉRIQUE: 15 years already!

Gestion FÉRIQUE, which acts as the manager of FÉRIQUE Funds, marks an important milestone today as it celebrates the 15th anniversary of its founding. That makes 2014 a double anniversary for the organization: 40 years for the funds themselves and 15 years for Gestion FÉRIQUE!

October 12, 1999, was the day the firm was founded to take over from the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, which had been managing FÉRIQUE Funds since they were created in 1974. At the time, assets under management in the six existing funds totalled more than $700 million. Under the leadership of Gestion FÉRIQUE, four new funds were created in the early 2000s, and a fifth was added in 2014. At September 30 of this year, nearly 22,000 clients were invested in FÉRIQUE Funds and assets under management exceeded $2 billion.

Today, the 11 funds in the FÉRIQUE family allow investors to build an optimal investment strategy focusing on consistent long-term returns, thanks to exposure to major markets, major asset classes and major management styles.

As a “manager of managers”, Gestion FÉRIQUE sets the investment policy for its funds and entrusts their management to nationally and internationally recognized investment management firms, whose work is supervised on an ongoing basis.

A unique financial institution

The FÉRIQUE business model is unique, since Gestion FÉRIQUE is a not-for-profit financial institution. That means the company reinvests all profits for the sole benefit of its clients and has some of the lowest fees in the industry. Gestion FÉRIQUE has grown without sacrificing its fundamental values of integrity, transparency and sound governance, all while maintaining a “boutique” approach that prioritizes personalized service.

In recent years, Gestion FÉRIQUE has put considerable effort into offering investors – via its subsidiary Services d’investissement FÉRIQUE – a comprehensive platform of advisory services and high-quality guidance at every stage of their lives.

The entire Gestion FÉRIQUE and Services d’investissement FÉRIQUE team is proud to contribute to your financial success and, in this double anniversary year, we restate our commitment to work every day in your best interest!