Board of Directors

FÉRIQUE Fund Management's Board of Directors is composed of 9 to 13 directors, the majority of whom are engineers, mandated to act in the best interests of investors. They are all elected by the members of the Gestion FÉRIQUE organization. When you invest in FÉRIQUE Funds, you too can become a member of Gestion FÉRIQUE, and as such, monitor the activities of the organization and its funds.

Investment Monitoring Committee

The Investment Monitoring Committee (IMC) is a statutory body mandated to make recommendations to our Board of Directors as it relates to fund management and investment manager selection. It consists of five to ten members who are appointed by the Board of Directors and who have well-established financial expertise.

Together with our management team, the IMC is responsible for recruiting managers and closely monitoring their performance and investment process. The goal is to produce returns that outperform industry averages.



Audit and risk management Committee

Human Resources and Remuneration Committee

Governance Committee

Independent Review Committee 
(EXTERNal committee)