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FÉRIQUE Funds are managed by a carbon-neutral NPO, which puts sustainable development at the heart of its activity, and their Management Expense Ratios are among the lowest in Canada1Learn more >



RRSP and TFSA contest


Until March 1, 2023, there are $20,000 in prizes to be won, simply by contributing to your RRSP or TFSA with FÉRIQUE Investment Services, the principal distributor of FÉRIQUE Funds3.
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Choose Responsible Investment

FÉRIQUE Fund Management supports and promotes approaches designed to make investment more responsible. It is a proactive player in this area and constantly strives to innovate so as to make development more sustainable. 
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As a non-profit organization, FÉRIQUE Fund Management always strives to have a positive effect on society by taking the interests of all its stakeholders into account. It became one of the first organizations in Quebec’s financial community to address the issue of responsible investment when it equipped the FÉRIQUE Funds with a proxy voting policy focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. It continued its responsible investment initiatives, while paying even greater attention to the climate issue, given its urgency. Time and again, it prioritized its actions with a view to the future well-being of all stakeholders.
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Management Expense Ratios among the lowest1


Management Expense Ratios (MER) of FÉRIQUE Funds are among the lowest in the Canadian mutual fund industry1. For the same gross return, lower MERs translate into significantly higher assets over the long term. 
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RRSP contributions

March 1, 2023

Deadline for your 2022 RRSP contribution


Contribution limit as % of your 2022 income


Annual contribution ceiling

Refer to your Notice of Assessment or contact the CRA for your RRSP deduction limit.

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TFSA contributions

December 31, 2023

Deadline to make your 2023 TFSA contribution


Annual contribution limit


Cumulative rights

*Since 2009, TFSA contribution room accumulates each year, if at any time in the calendar year you are 18 years of age or older and a resident of Canada.

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Financial services for engineers or engineering graduates, and their family.
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Transfer Fee Reimbursement

When you transfer an account of $ 5,000 or more, FÉRIQUE Investment Services will reimburse transfer fees up to a maximum of $ 150. See details >

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1 Management Expense Ratios for FÉRIQUE Funds are among the lowest in Canada in their category according to Fundata Canada Inc.
2 With FÉRIQUE Investment Services, principal distributor of the Fonds FÉRIQUE.
3 See eligibility conditions at www.ferique.com/eligibility and contest rules.

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