Open an account

To open your account by phone:

Opening an account by phone

Advisory Services will ask you questions and complete the account opening form with you.

He or she is also required by law to establish your investor profile based on the information you must provide on your financial position (such as your gross income, investment horizon, investment knowledge and risk tolerance). The information in your file is strictly confidential.

Your file must be updated annually or whenever there’s any change in your objectives or financial situation. This planning approach, subject to rules and regulations, is essential for defining your account’s guidelines.

Brokerage account

You can invest in FÉRIQUE Funds through FÉRIQUE Investment Services or another representative's firm*. Please keep in mind that FÉRIQUE Fund Management is a non-profit organization that pays no commission to brokers, unlike most other investment fund companies. That's what makes us stand out - it's also what allows us to offer you such low management fees.

*FÉRIQUE Funds are available at no additional fees when the transaction is carried out through FÉRIQUE Investment Services. Brokerage or transaction fees may apply when the transaction is carried out through another representative's firm.