Serving engineers since 1974


Creation of the FERIQUE Funds


FERIQUE Fund Management is
created to manage the Funds


FERIQUE Fund Management
creates FERIQUE Investment
Services to provide in-person
service to investors


Creation of FERIQUE’s
telephone Advisory Services
and transactional website

On August 16, 1974, the Quebec Corporation of Engineers created the FERIQUE Funds (Fonds d’épargne et de retraite des ingénieurs du Québec) – Quebec’s first family of investment funds intended for professionals. 

In 1999, to comply with the Engineers Act and the Professional Code, the Order created a not-for-profit corporation, Gestion FERIQUE, and transferred management of the Funds to it.  

In 2006, Gestion FERIQUE created the mutual fund broker and financial planning firm Services d’investissement FERIQUE to provide personal services to investors.

Finally, on July 1, 2013, Gestion FERIQUE repatriated all its fund distribution operations within its subsidiary Services d’investissement FERIQUE by creating its own telephone Advisory Services and transactional website.